Common questions about life insurance

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» Why buy life insurance?
» Can I use life insurance while I’m living?
» How much life insurance do I need?
» How do I learn more about a life insurance company?
» How do I choose a beneficiary?
» What is medical underwriting, and why must I answer health questions?
» How do I present a claim?

No one likes to think about the need for life insurance, but if you were no longer in the picture what would happen to the people who depend on you for financial support?

Studies show that the premature death of a household’s breadwinner can have a significant negative impact on a family’s financial security. Even if the deceased has some life insurance, the amount is often inadequate. Almost half of all American households (48 million people) either don’t own life insurance or feel they need more coverage.*

*Source: “Facts about Life 2006,” Life Insurance Marketing Research Association International.